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Mount in Garut, West Java, Indonesia was named Sadahurip. But, there are also people who call the Gunung Putri, leutik Mount, or Mountain of Love. Local people even have their own designation: the sacred mountain.Its form is unusual. Instead of a cone, pyramid-like peak form like the one in Egypt. Sadahurip Mount or Mount Princess has become a byword, because of the catastrophic disaster team Purba formed the Special Staff of President Office of Social Assistance and Disaster Field discover anomalies. Presumably there are man-made pyramid building in it. The term "pyramid mountain" was instantly popular.Remarkably, the "pyramid Garut" estimated to be greater and much older than the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. About 10,000 years before Christ. The process of excavation required to prove its truth.Members of the team, Iwan Sumule said, all the scientific process and the various methods that have been made possible and required there. Georadar and geoelectric included, as well as testing with carbon dating. The result, "this is not natural but man made," he told VIVAnews.com, Thursday, December 1, 2011.Tim, he added, also using interferometric methods Syntetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR). "The resulting picture is completely naked. It can be seen, (from the picture) which is a yellow stone. While blue is water," said Iwan.If the rays, the stone will reflect light. That's what captured IFSAR. Have already been done by a layer of rock excavation? "Already, just a few meters. The stone we use for carbon dating tests," said Iwan.Interestingly, of the IFSAR can be seen, not merely the form of a pyramid. Also visible in the surrounding rocks, and shorter. "It could be a smaller pyramid, or spinx like those in Egypt."But what, exactly, the form of buildings and the civilization which built it, the team can not ensure. "We have not made excavation, if so, can tell a lot of things. Problem origin, why it was there, and who built it. There are historical," said Iwan.

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John explained that currently it is still doing intensive communication with relevant agencies, the Muspida, as well as village heads and community Garut. "That there was a phenomenal discovery in a sacred site by local residents. We're trying to dismantle the mind, that could be rationalized," he said.One of them, John explains, some time ago in a television media, the village chief Sukahurip - where the mountains are - tell me, there are many flashes of lightning and the light in the surrounding mountains. "We think it makes sense, because taking samples in Egypt, the pyramid is not just a tomb of Pharaoh, but no technology in it," he said. Advanced technologies - even for the present example, hydro technology, power, and no magnetic field. There is also literature that mention the pyramid was built to anticipate the flood.John added, not just people who are skeptical of the findings of the team. Also some agencies. "They are less concerned. Antara to belief. And all we've done the research methods, this finding has been phenomenal," he said. "It should be very proud and we are aware, there is a large and old civilizations in the archipelago of the earth."

Gunung Putri South-West side

      Of evidence to assess the presence of man-made structures that make up Mountain Princess Garut performed using geoelectric equipment Superstring. Geoelectric equipment used to scan the geological layers of rock on the hill by measuring the resistivity.
In a written statement received VIVAnews.com, Monday, December 19, 2011, member of the Ancient catastrophic disaster that the President established the Office of the Special Staff of Social Assistance and Disaster Field, said Iwan Sumule geoelectric results with an electrode distance of 20 meters and 10 meters, showed no horizontal unconformity or "beheading" in the body of intrusive rocks (red) at a depth of about 120 meters from the summit.
Efforts to prove the result, first, the intrusion branch to the right that seems to form the basis of morphology which has an elevation terrain topography with valley Cirahong. Then, an 120-meter limit seems to coincide with the start of the topography of the climb steeper slopes, while weathering of rock to red soil.
Coupled with the results of geoelectric with a distance of 5 and 3-meter stretch of the East West North South and strengthens the conclusion that no structure formation is highly unlikely that the results of a natural formation.
The results of the 3D contour plots of digital data resolution of 5 meters IFSAR topography reinforces the hypothesis of the formation of anomalous geologic processes cinder cone hill located on a bedrock intrusions are beheaded. Then, the source material from the excavation area Cirahong valley which is 1-2 kilometers from the summit of the mountain princess. Evidenced by the excavation of the valley Cirahong volume is equal to the volume of deposits of the mountain princess.
While the C14 carbon testing results indicate the age of ancient soil top layer of soil that has been tested in BATAN carbon dating C14 is 6000 years before Christ. While the age of the soil as hard as rock underneath is 7,500 years before Christ. If there are structures that are under a layer of soil and rock will be more older age.

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